Health Risks of Taking Steroids

If you’re going to buy steroids there are several things you should think about. This wonder drug can definitely make you stronger, give you that ripped physique, make you stronger, and make a better athlete. This is why so many people opt to take the substance. However, with something so good there are bound to be consequences right? That’s exactly right. Along with the fines and jail time you could face from using the drug there are also some side effects associated with the drug. Listed below are some of those
health concerns.

Long-Term Side Effects:

–  Hypertension

–  Heart Disease

–  Liver Damage

–  Eating Disorder

–  Elevated Cholesterol

–  Stunted Growth

–  HIV (from sharing needles)

Short-Term Side Effects:

–   Headaches

–  Nosebleeds

–  Acne

–  Stomach pain

–  Increased heart rate

– Increased blood pressure

– Fluid retention

– Muscle tightness

– Muscle cramps

– Tendon problems

– Moodiness

There are some pretty serious side
effects on the above list, however, not everyone that takes steroids
experiences every side effect listed and this is by no means a comprehensive
list. The side effects depend on what type of steroid you’re taking, whether or
not you are stacking the substance, and the duration of use.

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Steroid Fact Sheet

When you buy anabolic steroids there is no question you are
going to experience some fantastic changes to your body. However, a lot of
people that take the drug have no idea what it is and what it can do for you r
body and what it can do to your body. So, listed below are a few simple facts
about steroids that every steroid user should know.

–  Anabolic steroids are synthetic derivatives of the male hormone testosterone, which
promote the growth of skeletal muscle and increase lean body mass.

–  You can administer the drug in one of two ways: Orally by taking a pill or by injection using a needle

– Side effects of using steroids can include liver damage, heart disease, delusions, elevated cholesterol, and hypertension just to name a few.

– Steroids are taken in cycles of weeks or months rather than continuous use.

– Steroids are often “stacked.” Stacking steroids is the practice of taking more than one at the same time in order to maximize the benefits of a particular drug and to minimize the side effects.

– Anabolic steroids can increase your endurance, strength, and lean muscle mass.

– Short term negative effects of using steroids can include moodiness, headaches, nose
bleeds, acne, stomach pain, increased heart rate, fluid retention, and muscle cramps.

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What the Heck are Anabolic Steroids?

People are buying steroids on a consistent basis and have no clue what they really are and
what they and how they do these amazing things to your body. Taking steroids
can yield some pretty amazing results , but they can also yield some negative
side effects. It’s important to know what exactly an anabolic steroid is prior
to taking the drug.

  • Anabolic steroids are a compound or a group of artificial hormones, which are usually derived from testosterone that can produce many physiological effects. These effects can include an increased protein synthesis, strength, muscle mass, and bone growth. Basically the steroids increase protein synthesis within the cells which results in a buildup of cellular tissue, especially within the muscles.

It is no secret that anabolic steroids have some advesrs side effects.  However, even with this concern many people still take them in order to achieve goals that might not be obtainable otherwise. Some of the long term risks of using this drug include

  • Unsafe changes in cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Liver damage

Steroids might also affect conditions pertaining to hormonal imbalances
such as gynecomastia, which is the abnormal development of large mammary glands
with cause increased breast size.

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Are Steroids Prevalent in the NBA?

Compared to other sports the National Basketball Association seems to have little to no
issues with players using steroids. Many people wonder why this is and some people think there is more of a problem with steroids in basketball than most realize. Therefore, this raises the question – Is there a steroid problem in the NBA?

There have been many arguments, even by the commissioner of the NBA David Stern that
basketball players do not benefit from steroid use. His argument consists of several different points. Below is a couple of those points.

Two good reasons why NBA players to not need to use steroids

  • The movements NBA Players make are much different than that of an NFL or MLB athlete.
  • NBA Players do not need bulk. They need lean, flexible muscle to perform at a high level

Convsersley there are arguments that try to prove the commissioner, and any other advocates that say there is no steroid problem in the NBA, wrong. Arguments such as:

  • NBA athletes can jump higher, run faster down court, and move quicker if they used the drug.
  • Every athlete can benefit from being stronger
  • Steroids do not necessarily make you huge if you take the right type

There are absolutely bigger and stronger athletes in the NBA today than there was 30 years ago. However, that could be contributed to better diets that have been discovered as
well as new technology implemented into newer workout routings. Nonetheless,
the argument about steroid use in the NBA will surely continue for a long time
to come.

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Reasons why Steroids are so Popular

Steroids are most definitely a very popular drug within the sports
realm and with non-athletes as well. There are very well known side effects
associated with the drug and yet it still gains popularity. So, the question is
why is the drug so popular? Why do people continue to buy steroids? Listed below are a few reasons why the benefit outweighs the risk of taking the drug.

  • Physical Appearance

Everyone wants to get that stellar
ripped body. However, it is extremely hard for to obtain those that hard
chiseled and ripped looked. It takes a lot of time and dedication to get your
body in that kind of shape. Not to mention the diet that you have to follow.
Therefore, people turn to anabolic steroids in order to greatly increase the
speed of that process. This is why many people use the drug. It makes it so
much easier to get that body you’ve always wanted, with half the time
investment and half the work.

  • Athletic Performance

The drug is used in almost every sport in
order for athletes to gain that competitive edge and potentially make loads of
cash that they would have otherwise not been able to make because they would
not have been performing at such a high level.

  • Strength Gains

Some people simply want to become
stronger.  You can absolutely become
stronger with just natural gains, however it may take a while before you are
noticing sizeable jumps in the amount of weight you can bench press. Therefore,
people turn to steroids in order to get huge gains in strength in short amounts
of time.

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Side Effects of Using Steroids do not Deter Most Users

It’s no secret that by taking steroids
you can change your body in some pretty amazing ways. You can increase your
athletic performance, get bigger, get stronger, and get that physique you have always
wanted. However, when you buy anabolic steroids you are also putting your health at risk as well. Most users know they are going to experience negative side effects from using the
drug but simply do not care. A few years ago a study was conducted, as reported
by the American College of Sports Medicine, and it found that even though users
are experiencing side effects and consciously know they are harming their body
they still continue to use steroids. The users claim the benefits outweigh the
negative effects.

Five hundred people who used steroids
were surveyed with most of the users using steroids merely to help their
physical appearance. Almost all of the users that were surveyed declared that
they experienced adverse side effects from using the substance. Even knowing
their health was at risk though did not stop or even slow down their use of

The breakdown of users that participated in the survey was as follows:

  • 99.2% reported subjective side effects to using steroids
  • 78.4% were non-competitive body-builders and non-athletes
  • 99.2% self administered their injections
  • 13.0% of those reported unsafe administering practices such as re-using needles and sharing needles
  • 60.0% reported using at least 1000mg of testosterone per week

The survey proved that steroid use
becomes such a prevalent part of people’s lives that health concerns do not
matter much to them. Users of the substance believe the benefits outweigh the

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Steroid Substitutes

Many people are buying steroids because of the amazing things they can do to your body.
However, with all great things comes some sort of consequences.  Other than the health concerns of taking the  drug, steroids are also illegal in many countries, including the United States  If you’re caught using or especially selling steroids without the proper
authorization there are pretty strict penalties you have to face. So, in order
to get around these penalties some people choose to take different drugs that
have similar effects but are alternatives to steroids.

These alternatives work because they generate effects to your body
similar to anabolic steroids. A few reasons one might choose a steroid
substitute is because

  • They are legal. Because they can’t be converted
    into hormones until ingestion this makes them legal to take.
  • Steroid alternatives are also cheaper than
    purchasing the real thing.
  • If you get your hands on a good product they can
    have very close to the same effect as anabolic steroids and these effects can
    last up to a year. However, with some of these alternatives you get what you
    pay for. Some of them do not work very well and/or last very long. Some of them
    only stay in your system for as little as a few hours.

There is also health risks related to using alternatives as well. The
risks aren’t just related to the real thing. Therefore, just as using the real
deal a lot of research is most definitely a must prior to taking the substance.
Just because something is legal does not make it safe to take.

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