Steroid Substitutes

Many people are buying steroids because of the amazing things they can do to your body.
However, with all great things comes some sort of consequences.  Other than the health concerns of taking the  drug, steroids are also illegal in many countries, including the United States  If you’re caught using or especially selling steroids without the proper
authorization there are pretty strict penalties you have to face. So, in order
to get around these penalties some people choose to take different drugs that
have similar effects but are alternatives to steroids.

These alternatives work because they generate effects to your body
similar to anabolic steroids. A few reasons one might choose a steroid
substitute is because

  • They are legal. Because they can’t be converted
    into hormones until ingestion this makes them legal to take.
  • Steroid alternatives are also cheaper than
    purchasing the real thing.
  • If you get your hands on a good product they can
    have very close to the same effect as anabolic steroids and these effects can
    last up to a year. However, with some of these alternatives you get what you
    pay for. Some of them do not work very well and/or last very long. Some of them
    only stay in your system for as little as a few hours.

There is also health risks related to using alternatives as well. The
risks aren’t just related to the real thing. Therefore, just as using the real
deal a lot of research is most definitely a must prior to taking the substance.
Just because something is legal does not make it safe to take.


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