Are Steroids Prevalent in the NBA?

Compared to other sports the National Basketball Association seems to have little to no
issues with players using steroids. Many people wonder why this is and some people think there is more of a problem with steroids in basketball than most realize. Therefore, this raises the question – Is there a steroid problem in the NBA?

There have been many arguments, even by the commissioner of the NBA David Stern that
basketball players do not benefit from steroid use. His argument consists of several different points. Below is a couple of those points.

Two good reasons why NBA players to not need to use steroids

  • The movements NBA Players make are much different than that of an NFL or MLB athlete.
  • NBA Players do not need bulk. They need lean, flexible muscle to perform at a high level

Convsersley there are arguments that try to prove the commissioner, and any other advocates that say there is no steroid problem in the NBA, wrong. Arguments such as:

  • NBA athletes can jump higher, run faster down court, and move quicker if they used the drug.
  • Every athlete can benefit from being stronger
  • Steroids do not necessarily make you huge if you take the right type

There are absolutely bigger and stronger athletes in the NBA today than there was 30 years ago. However, that could be contributed to better diets that have been discovered as
well as new technology implemented into newer workout routings. Nonetheless,
the argument about steroid use in the NBA will surely continue for a long time
to come.


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