Side Effects of Using Steroids do not Deter Most Users

It’s no secret that by taking steroids
you can change your body in some pretty amazing ways. You can increase your
athletic performance, get bigger, get stronger, and get that physique you have always
wanted. However, when you buy anabolic steroids you are also putting your health at risk as well. Most users know they are going to experience negative side effects from using the
drug but simply do not care. A few years ago a study was conducted, as reported
by the American College of Sports Medicine, and it found that even though users
are experiencing side effects and consciously know they are harming their body
they still continue to use steroids. The users claim the benefits outweigh the
negative effects.

Five hundred people who used steroids
were surveyed with most of the users using steroids merely to help their
physical appearance. Almost all of the users that were surveyed declared that
they experienced adverse side effects from using the substance. Even knowing
their health was at risk though did not stop or even slow down their use of

The breakdown of users that participated in the survey was as follows:

  • 99.2% reported subjective side effects to using steroids
  • 78.4% were non-competitive body-builders and non-athletes
  • 99.2% self administered their injections
  • 13.0% of those reported unsafe administering practices such as re-using needles and sharing needles
  • 60.0% reported using at least 1000mg of testosterone per week

The survey proved that steroid use
becomes such a prevalent part of people’s lives that health concerns do not
matter much to them. Users of the substance believe the benefits outweigh the


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