Health Risks of Taking Steroids

If you’re going to buy steroids there are several things you should think about. This wonder drug can definitely make you stronger, give you that ripped physique, make you stronger, and make a better athlete. This is why so many people opt to take the substance. However, with something so good there are bound to be consequences right? That’s exactly right. Along with the fines and jail time you could face from using the drug there are also some side effects associated with the drug. Listed below are some of those
health concerns.

Long-Term Side Effects:

–  Hypertension

–  Heart Disease

–  Liver Damage

–  Eating Disorder

–  Elevated Cholesterol

–  Stunted Growth

–  HIV (from sharing needles)

Short-Term Side Effects:

–   Headaches

–  Nosebleeds

–  Acne

–  Stomach pain

–  Increased heart rate

– Increased blood pressure

– Fluid retention

– Muscle tightness

– Muscle cramps

– Tendon problems

– Moodiness

There are some pretty serious side
effects on the above list, however, not everyone that takes steroids
experiences every side effect listed and this is by no means a comprehensive
list. The side effects depend on what type of steroid you’re taking, whether or
not you are stacking the substance, and the duration of use.


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