Why Steroids are Illegal

Many people, including high profile athletes use steroids to gain a
competitive edge, get bigger and stronger, or just to improve their physique.
However, if you’re caught using or if you buy anabolic steroids there can be some serious
consequences. The steroid laws vary from country to country but in the United
States steroids are considered a controlled substance so if you’re caught using
them without a prescription you could face some pretty serious penalties.

Steroids were first placed on the Controlled Substances Act after the
1988 Summer Olympic Games in Seoul. Ben Johnson, a Canadian sprinter, won the
gold medal and was later found to have been using steroids in order to enhance
his performance during the Olympics. After that scandal, the US Congress took a
long look at steroid use.

During the deliberation there were many organizations that opposed
placing steroids under the Controlled Substances Act. Their arguments were that
the use of these hormones did not lead to psychological or physical dependence
required for scheduling a drug under the act. In spite of all the arguments
against putting steroids under the Controlled Substance Act, they were placed
on Schedule III of the Controlled Substance Act in the Anabolic Steroids
Control Act of 1990.


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