The cautions to buying steroids online

When someone first thinks about doing steroids, one of the first questions they probably ask themselves is where or how can I buy steroids.  They are not the only ones.  Over 5,000 people search this same question on a daily basis.  Does that number seem high to you? Well that is because it is.  With professional athletes stirring up controversy and body building becoming a “sport” the question of where to buy steroids has become quite popular.

  The problem is that the question can not be answered with a simple statement.  Because steroids is “illegal” without a prescription, this makes it difficult for the average person that is just looking to build some muscle to buy steroids.  While the most common place people turn to is the internet, you have to be careful that you know what you are looking for and buy steroids from a trusted site.  How do you know if a site is trusted? You can’t possibly unless you know what you are looking for.  In most cases, people that are unfamiliar will report a fake steroids site to the search engines and they will be taken down if they got “tricked” into buying steroids and lost money.  But do you really want to be the first one to purchase from that site and lose your money? No!

You will know if you are on a 100% trusted site if they ask you for your prescription.  Because steroids are illegal without a prescription in most countries, this is why they ask for this information.  The problem is most people are looking to find a way to buy them without a prescription and this is where the dangers begin.  In some cases, there are sites that  do sell steroids that are not contaminated, but most of the time on the internet, you are getting either fake or tampered with steroids.  If you don’t know what they did to them, you don’t know what you are putting in your body.

Be careful and make sure you know what you are buying before you purchase.  Ask others where they get theirs from. The safest way to buy steroids, is by going through your physician!


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