Uses for Anabolic Steroids are not all bad

Anabolic steroids are synthetic versions of a male hormone. They are illegal in most countries without a prescription or outside of the legal requirements, however, they are a controlled substance.  When people think of the words anabolic steroids they usually associate them with the illegal use and not with all the good uses that steroids are mostly used for. Like most drugs, there are good uses and potentially harmful uses and you should always use any prescribed drug according to the physicians orders.  Doctors prescribe anabolic steroids every day so they are not illegal, and there are many good uses for the drug.

 Anabolic Steroids are not a joke. They have many harmful side effects and the user should make sure they are consistently being  monitored. If steroids are truly harmful then isn’t all use of the steroid harmful? The answer to that question is, “No, not all uses of steroids are harmful.” It is however true that some have died using steroids. 

It’s also very clear that the use of anabolic steroids in a controlled environment can be eye-opening. There are serious medical conditions that depend on the use of anabolic steroids to correct. For instance, if you’re a woman suffering from the menopause and developing osteoporosis you will consider steroids to be your miracle drug. 

What makes anabolic steroids illegal is the overuse and potential to abuse the drug. Because all of the positive effects of the drug, there is a high potential to abuse it.


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