Learning the Two Types of Steroids

Do you ever wonder what exactly are steroids?

Steroids interact with receptors of a male sex hormone called androgen.  Androgen is produced in the testes of males. 

Most people know that Steroids increases muscle, but steroids also increase bone synthesis which is very important to human growth.  Steroids can be classified within two categories:

  1. Natural Anabolic Steroids, and
  2. Synthetic Anabolic Steroids

Natural steroids are hormones, and are needed for promoting cells to grow healthy.  Steroids are also very beneficial in helping develop tissue and bone, and since we need this, people might say that we can’t grow without steroids. 

Testosterone which is the well known male hormone is also present in small amount in females but it is not the most potent of all natural steroids.  Everyone should know that steroids are  crucial to the growth and development, in plants, animals and humans.

Synthetic Steroids are the steroids in which athletes and body builders are using to grow muscle and weight, and these are the steroids that are illegal in most countries.  These are the steroids that are looked on negatively by the public. 

With synthetic steroids, the only legal way to get them is by getting a prescription by your physician.  This limits the drug from being abused by individuals who are using them for the wrong reasons.


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