Are There Really Police On Drugs – Anabolic Steroids?

It would be silly for you not to think that it’s a sure thing that police on drugs, using anabolic steroids, exists.

Yes there are police on drugs.  Of course there are police on drugs, specifically anabolic steroids.

Like any body builder, police are seeking to buff their bodies with anabolic steroids. For the very reason an athlete needs to be strong, a police officer may feel the same need to protect him or herself.

Still, I can’t imagine seeing an overgrown cop walking up to my car for a routine traffic stop. I am afraid of police officers the way it is!  I sure don’t want to see an officer approach me with upper arms almost 2 feet around and all muscle!

Not long ago in New Jersey an entire police force was busted for anabolic steroids, so it does happen. Wow, is all I can say to that one!


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