Can You Really Purchase Legal Steroids?

It’s a big question, “Can you really purchase legal steroids?”. 

The answer is “Yes, you can really buy legal steroids!”  How you go about buying these legal steroids, now that’s the real question.

You can buy steroids legally but you have to do it through a legal method.  Obviously purchasing from someone on a street corner in a really bad neighborhood is neither legal nor safe.

Neither is purchasing legal steroids in a gym very smart.  The steroids you buy from someone in the gym, may indeed be the real anabolic steroid you want, but is not legal by any means.

Steroids are a controlled substance.  What’s that tell you!?  It doesn’t take a rocket-scientist to see that buying a controlled substance from someone other than a pharmacy with a legal prescription, is a legal steroid purchase.

Keep it legal guys, it’s never safe to do anything against the law.  The laws are in place to protect us, particularly laws concerning, what could be, dangerous drugs. 

If you have a legitimate medical concern you can certainly make an appointment with a physician to get legal steroids prescribed.  Once the steroids are prescribed then you can purchse legal steroids through a pharmacy. This is the only legal method of purchasing real steroids.

There are other legal steroids you can purchase online.  There are steroids sources online that are not the real anabolic steroids but are very effective, just the same as the real anabolic steroids that your Doctor would prescribe.


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