The Good Uses of Steroids

When we think of all the uses of steroids we typically don’t think of the patient who is being helped by steroids. There are a lot of good uses for steroids.

Patients who are anemic or under a Doctor’s care for any number of conditions can be helped by the use of steroids. In fact, a physician will be careful to prescribe steroids under his or her careful, watchful eye.

Yes there are plenty of good uses of steroids. Older females are delighted at the idea that steroids can be used in treating osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a serious bone condition in menopausal women that causes bone degeneration (brittleness of bones) which can often be very painful. Steroids is a good choice of prescription medications to help alleviate the symptoms of osteoporosis in women.

Or, patients with a liver condition also find relief with the use of steroids. A condition called bilary obstruction, that causes itching, is yet another condition treated with steroids. So, you see, there are plenty of good uses for steroids.

Delayed puberty is another condition that can be treated by steroids.  If a young one is suffering from delayed puberty imagine the joy of being able to come of age after the use of prescribed steroids under a Doctor’s care?

Certain types of impotence in men can also be helped with the use of steroids.  Obviously any condition requiring the body to build up or increase in size or mass, the wasting away of the body due to serious illness, cancers or HIV can also be benefited by use of steroids.

Steroids are a miracle drug to patients who depend on a good drug that can build body mass.  What good uses of steroids!


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