Anabolic Steroids – Psychological Effects

Anabolic steroids have certain psychological effects that can be serious indeed!  No one wants to wake up in the morning aggressive right before he gets ready to work.  No one wants to feel irritable throughout the day, especially mothers who are confined to the home, caring for small children.

The psychological effects of anabolic steroids can be profound. For this reason it’s crucial that you seek out a great physician and stick with the plan, following all Doctor’s instructions.

Whenever a Doctor prescribes any medications you always get a list of precautions and warnings.  If the Doctor doesn’t hand you the list of precautions then when your pharmacist prescribes the medication you will get a paper of all the warnings and precautions of the prescribed drug. Steroids are no different.

In fact, if you’re being prescribed steroids have you had that long talk with your physician regarding the potential side effects of prolonged or on-going steroid use?  If not, please be advised that your Doctor is the best place to start. Depending on the reason you are being prescribed steroids, your Doctor will have certain recommendations and warnings.

Listen to your Doctor when being prescribed steroids.  Some patients find it hard to tell a Doctor they are irritable, fearing that they will be removed from the drug that is helping them.  Please do not be so foolish as to worry about being removed from a prescription drug when your life or the life of others could be at risk.

Steroids can cause serious aggression and even violence. If you do not tell your Doctor that you’re feeling aggression and acting out on your aggression he or she cannot help you. You risk hurting yourself or someone else if you do not confess your agitation.

Bi-polar patients who are already exhibiting signs of aggression should not be prescribed steroids.  Be careful to explain to your Doctor every potential concern you may be having.

We all agree that even the use of the term “paranoia” is frightening.  A serious psychological effect of anabolic steroids is the feeling of paranoia. Paranoia is frightening. When you experience real paranoia you are fearful of things that do not really exist.

If you are experiencing  mind-changing feelings it could be coming from the use of steroids.  Please be quick to consult your physician and remember that anabolic steroids psychological effects can be very serious.
please consult your Doctor quickly.  Do not hesitate or wait.  Your Doctor needs to monitor and follow you carefully if you are a patient who is
prescribed steroids.


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