Buying Legal Steroids Can Save You From Legal Problems

We have reported in our previous blogs some instances where people tried to engage in illegal importation or sale of anabolic steroids. It seems that these people don’t care about the possible consequences of doing such activities. Most countries especially US, Australia and the UK do have stricter laws when it comes to these substances. Offenders usually face felony charges and payment of fines. Illegal steroids still proliferate because of the profit an individual can get from it. Selling illegal anabolic steroids is a lucrative business for some people.

This month alone, various arrests and charges were made by the authorities related to illegal importation and distribution of anabolic steroids. Individuals adopt different strategies to avoid the law but most of them failed because of strict monitoring of the authorities. For example, a man tried to avoid customs officers in Melbourne Airport by strapping vials and tablets of steroids to his legs. Another man hides thousands of grams of illegal steroids in his suitcase but was also arrested in Heathrow Airport. A football player tried to ship steroids using a courier but was later arrested because of suspicion about the content of the package.

A 35 year old man was arrested by the customs officials in Melbourne for trying to bring in hundreds of vials and tablets of steroids without any legal documents for importation. Melbourne airport officials seized 655 vials and 575 tablets of steroids strapped on his legs and on his baggage. The man said that he purchased the steroids from Bangkok. According to the customs and border protection, they confiscated a total of 1200 vials and tablets from the suspect. He will be facing a maximum penalty of 5 years in jail and/or a fine of $110,000 for illegal importation of performance enhancing drugs.


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